Your website through the 'Cialdini glasses'

Cialdini is not just a name in the world of marketing and psychology; it is a concept that stands for influence and persuasiveness. With our new 'Cialdini analysis' tool, it is now possible to check your website for the presence of Robert Cialdini's influencing principles. You will receive a grade for each part and tips for making improvements.


No more subscriptions to ChatGPT Plus; Brainvine as a versatile alternative

Since the beginning of December it is no longer possible to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus. The service is experiencing server overload, which has led to a complete stop on new subscriptions. Current subscribers also experience limitations within ChatGPT, such as curtailing output and refusing certain tasks. The model even seems deliberately less…


AI-driven hyper-personalization: the key to conversion

Personalization has become an indispensable part of today's customer journey. It is the driving force behind conversion and the transformation of one-time buyers into loyal fans. But let's be honest: collecting data is one thing, using it effectively is another. With a Customer Data Platform (CDP) you can manage specific segments, but the challenge remains…


New Brainvine updates: Transcription tool, improved website analysis and digital assistant

Brainvine continues to innovate and we'd like to introduce you to our latest feature. Speak it out and we'll write it down: our new transcription tool Tired of typing out endless notes? Our new transcription tool is here to help you. You can now directly record audio, upload audio files or load YouTube videos.…


Great news! Brainvine becomes independent

We have an exciting announcement. Brainvine continues completely on its own! Indeed, you read that right. What once started as an internal project at Yellowgrape is now ready to spread its wings. We are extremely excited about this new phase and can't wait to start working on our future plans.

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The Future of AI and Marketing: What Can We Expect?

The world of marketing and content creation is constantly changing. Thanks to the rapid developments in AI technology, we can expect some exciting changes in the near future. In this blog post we dive into the future of AI and marketing and show how these developments can benefit your business.


Discover the magic of our AI image generator

Get ready to unleash your imagination and boost your creativity with our new AI-powered image generator. Thanks to various updates, our tool now works even better.


Discover the power of SEO tooling 2.0

Our SEO tools have received a major upgrade. With the help of senior SEO specialists, we have fine-tuned our tool so that you can now generate even better and distinctive content!


New at Brainvine: Design your own assistant

Sometimes you run into something specific. A certain marketing tool that you have questions about, or do you want to be helped with a very specific issue for which you normally have to call in an expert. We have now come up with a revolutionary solution for this: your own designed custom AI assistant.

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