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Discover Brainvine Teams for effortless collaboration. Already available from two seats, with unlimited access to our platform. Get started right away, or get a demo first?

Brainvine Teams for effortless collaboration

The best solution for business

With Brainvine Teams you can take collaboration within your team to a higher level. Our platform offers a solid user management system. You can also share and edit Style Tones with each other, so that everyone follows the same line. This means that all communication from your team is consistent and professional, regardless of who is speaking. So handy!

Privacy fully guaranteed

At Brainvine, your privacy comes first. We do not share or use your conversations for training or other purposes. Your data is stored securely without external access.

Thanks to our data processing agreement with OpenAI, your data remains yours. And the best part? You can easily delete everything you save. We are completely GDPR/AVG proof. You are the boss of your own data.

User management

Gain full control over access rights within your team. You can immediately see who has access and adding or removing team members is a breeze.

Everyone has the same style

Make sure communication for your team is consistent and professional. Generate and edit Style Tones and easily share them with all your team members!

Affordable choice

Brainvine Teams is our most affordable package. Available from two seats and everything unlimited! Contact us for an attractive offer or get a demo first.

Privacy guaranteed

We do not share information with third parties. You decide what you want to keep. Data on the platform is not used for other purposes. We are completely GDPR/AVG proof.

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