Great news! Brainvine becomes independent

We have an exciting announcement. Brainvine continues completely on its own! Indeed, you read that right. What once started as an internal project at Yellowgrape is now ready to spread its wings. We are extremely excited about this new phase and can't wait to start working on our future plans.

Why this step?

Brainvine was developed as a tool to make digital communication more effective. The idea was to create an AI-driven toolset that can optimize a company's entire workflow. And that's exactly what we did. But we want more. We want to grow Brainvine, add new features, and continue to improve our product. To do this, we decided to spin off Brainvine and let it grow further under our own BV.

What's next?

We have big plans for Brainvine. We want to continue to improve and expand our tool, so that we can support you even better in your marketing activities. We will soon launch a major update that will allow companies to interact next-level with different data sources. This means that you will soon be able to 'talk' to your own data, as it were, through an AI data analyst and gain access to all kinds of new analytical tools.

But this is far from all. We are working on many more great projects behind the scenes. More about that later. 

Thanks for your support

We would like to thank you for your support and the trust you have placed in us. Without you, Brainvine wouldn't be where it is today. 

We are looking forward to this new chapter and can't wait to launch some really cool things.

Stay tuned for more updates and cool announcements!

Team Brainvine