New at Brainvine: Design your own assistant

Sometimes you run into something specific. A certain marketing tool that you have questions about, or do you want to be helped with a very specific issue for which you normally have to call in an expert. We have now come up with a revolutionary solution for this: your own designed custom AI assistant.

Your own custom assistant: the perfect combination of AI and yourself

With our new feature, you can now design your own custom assistant that does exactly what you want, when you want it. Whether you need an expert in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, or a writing coach to help you write better copy, Brainvine now makes it easy to design your own assistant.

The custom assistant is based on the latest AI technology from OpenAI, which the paid version of ChatGPT is also based on. Thanks to our custom approach, you now have the option to customize it completely to your liking, so that it is perfectly tailored to your needs and wishes. In addition to a role, you can also formulate a character, which makes it even more personal. The only limit is your own imagination!

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Start designing your perfect assistant today!