New Brainvine updates: Transcription tool, improved website analysis and digital assistant

Brainvine continues to innovate and we'd like to introduce you to our latest feature.

Speak it out and we'll write it down: our new transcription tool

Tired of endlessly typing out notes? Our new transcription tool is here to help you. You can now directly record audio, upload audio files or load YouTube videos. Thanks to the advanced AI model, the audio is converted into text, after which you can perform various actions on it. Whether you want to make a summary, write a report or create an article, it can all be done in an instant. Try it out right away

Meet our improved digital assistant

Our digital assistant is better than ever! Adjust your question for better answers, regenerate responses and enjoy the improved display with different text styles, tables and structured code blocks. Try it today oniont

Brainvine sees everything: improved website analysis

We have upgraded our website analysis tool and given Brainvine 'eyes'. Our tool can now visually analyze your website and provide recommendations based on your design. Discover the CRO connections you previously overlooked and improve your website today! Perform an analysis immediately

At Brainvine we are committed to providing the best tools to help you with your daily work. Our new features were developed in collaboration with experts and are already used by thousands of people. We invite you to try them out and discover how they too can help you achieve your goals.