No more subscriptions to ChatGPT Plus; Brainvine as a versatile alternative

Since the beginning of December it is no longer possible to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus. The service is experiencing server overload, which has led to a complete stop on new subscriptions. Current subscribers also experience limitations within ChatGPT, such as curtailing output and refusing certain tasks. In fact, the model seems to have been deliberately made less capable to reduce server load.

Brainvine is ready for you

However, Brainvine stands ready as a robust and versatile alternative. Our AI assistant, powered by the GPT-4-Turbo model, is always available and offers a full and comprehensive output without compromises. With Brainvine you instantly unlock the pure power of GPT-4, as it was originally intended.

But that's not all. Brainvine stands out as an all-in-one neuromarketing AI tool. In addition to textual content creation with our advanced digital assistant, Brainvine also integrates other AI models specialized in audio and image processing. This makes it possible to take not only your written content, but also your visual and auditory material to the next level.

Do you want to make more impact in less time? Do you want to perform all your tasks more efficiently, smarter and cost-effectively for the price of just one tool? Brainvine is the solution you are looking for. Our suite of AI-powered tools provides a seamless experience for creating, optimizing, and publishing content across media.

Curious about the possibilities? Experience it yourself!

Get started easily with a free account and try Brainvine for 7 days at no cost. After the trial period you can continue from just 19.99 per month. Flexibility is paramount: you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.

Join Brainvine and experience the full potential of AI without limitations. We open the door wide to new users!

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