The Future of AI and Marketing: What Can We Expect?

The world of marketing and content creation is constantly changing. Thanks to the rapid developments in AI technology, we can expect some exciting changes in the near future. In this blog post we dive into the future of AI and marketing and show how these developments can benefit your business.

AI Can Finally See: The Impact on Content Creation and Marketing

One of the most exciting developments in the AI world is AI's ability to interpret human text. This goes beyond what most people can imagine and almost feels like science fiction. But it gets even more interesting. The next step is that the large AI models can see, a development that the developers call 'Multimodality'.

What does this mean for your marketing strategy? Imagine being able to perform complex design scans and advanced CRO analyzes with the simple push of a button. This is, among other things, the power of visual interpretation by AI. It saves you time and resources, while giving you more accurate and in-depth analysis than ever before.

Brainvine's advanced data analysis: Chat with your data

In addition to visual interpretation by AI, Brainvine has another exciting development in store: advanced data analysis. Thanks to the integration of AI with vector databases, we will soon be able to offer highly advanced data analyses. This goes beyond the traditional data analysis you are used to.

This new feature allows you to 'chat with your data'. This means you can interact with your databases as if you were speaking to a data analyst. You can ask questions to your data, and the AI will find the answers for you. This makes it possible to perform complex analyzes without the need for a specialized data analyst.

And that is not all. This advanced data analysis can also be applied to customer lifecycle analyses. The additional context and data interpretation that AI provides allows you to gain deeper insight into your customer base. For example, you can map the lifecycle of your customers, analyze and predict their behavior, and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly.

We are very excited about this development and can't wait to show our customers how they can use their data to improve their business. We expect to be able to offer these new features soon.

What does this mean for Brainvine?

At Brainvine, we're always looking for ways to help our clients improve their marketing and content creation strategies. With the advent of AI models that can provide visual interpretation, we have a whole range of new possibilities at our disposal.

We have developed a roadmap that depends on various AI breakthroughs. With access to Vision models, we can launch advanced marketing and CRO tools that take full advantage of visual interpretation. With our data integration you essentially get access to an advanced 'AI data analyst'. We expect to be able to offer these new capabilities within a few months, which is quite revolutionary for the marketer. 

Competition for OpenAI

2024 promises to be an exciting year in the field of AI. In addition to the development of Multi-Modality, OpenAI is finally getting competition from Google. The Gemini model under development will likely be more intelligent than the current GPT4 model and have Multi-Modality built into its core.

While we have yet to see what exactly this means and makes possible, it is clear that 2024 will be an eventful year. It could have even more impact than the introduction of ChatGPT.


The future of AI and marketing is exciting and full of possibilities. Whether you're interested in improving your content creation, streamlining your marketing strategy, or both, AI technology has the potential to take your business to the next level.

Are you ready to discover the possibilities of AI for your business? Please contact us and discover how Brainvine can help you take your marketing and content creation strategies to the next level.

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