Will your marketing-related job still exist? Probably not.

A lot has changed since the emergence of OpenAI's ChatGPT. These changes did not take place slowly over years, but within months. We are dealing with an unprecedented exponential growth that the human brain can hardly handle. Not following AI news for even a week means missing crucial developments, which often directly affect your way of working or even replace entire jobs.

Creative jobs and AI: from laughable to worrying

Where people used to laugh when you told them that their creative hipster job would be taken over by an AI, they are now more likely to be genuinely concerned. Suddenly every self-proclaimed 'marketing expert' seems to turn into a so-called 'AI trendwatcher', 'Prompt Engineer' or even 'AI Whisperer'. These are often hopeless ways to keep yourself relevant for as long as possible, while you probably already realize that the end of your current career is in sight.

Not only superficial marketing experts are affected

This situation applies not only to superficial marketing experts, but even more so to digital artists, voice actors, copywriters and countless other previously indispensable links in the digital landscape. For them it is no longer even a question of whether they are still relevant, but the realization that they are almost no longer relevant. Perhaps they can still convince themselves that their creations are really much better and have added value, but when the assignments decline, the hourly rates fall sharply and the 'good conversations' with their managers take place, that misplaced arrogance will also be like snow in the sun for them to disappear.

Opportunities in the age of AI

Fortunately, all these changes also offer a lot of opportunities. For many people, the point will soon come where they will have to reinvent their relevance. Business needs will change at a rapid pace and new roles will come with those needs. The wave of AI has only just begun and as long as you can stay on that wave, you will have much more value in the short term than if you just let it all wash over you.

Keep developing yourself and take advantage of the AI wave

Follow all the AI news, be inspired by innovative tools and try to convert your amazement into creativity, so that you may be able to use AI yourself to keep yourself relevant for as long as possible. With this exponential growth, eventually everyone will more or less fall off the wave, but until then, enjoy surfing! So grab your surfboard and dive into the world of AI, because your job as you know it now will probably no longer exist!