Your website through the 'Cialdini glasses'

Cialdini is not just a name in the world of marketing and psychology; it is a concept that stands for influence and persuasiveness. With our new one 'Cialdini analysis' tool, it is now possible to check your website for the presence of Robert Cialdini's influencing principles. You will receive a grade for each part and tips for making improvements.

Simple scan

You paste the URL of your page into the tool. It then scans your page and analyzes the content based on Cialdini's influencing principles: reciprocity, commitment and consistency, social proof, sympathy, authority, scarcity and unity. These principles are crucial for effective communication and marketing.

Would you like to share the report with your colleagues, for example? This is easy with our new 'Share' function. Easily send a report in PDF format.

Cialdini's influencing principles in practice

Neuromarketing and Cialdini's principles go hand in hand. By combining neuromarketing techniques with influencing principles, you can optimize the user experience on your website. Here are the principles that our tool analyzes:

  • Reciprocity: Check whether you give enough to your visitors to expect something in return.
  • Commitment and consistency: Do we see clear calls to action and are visitors subtly guided towards a commitment?
  • Social proof: Do you make good use of testimonials and reviews?
  • Sympathy: Is your content friendly and personal enough to generate sympathy?
  • Authority: Does your website radiate sufficient expertise and reliability?
  • Scarcity: Does scarcity create a sense of urgency?
  • Unit: Do your visitors feel part of your organization?

By applying these principles you can significantly improve conversion on your website and with our new analytics tool it really is easier than ever.

Try it yourself!

Are you curious about how your website is doing? Then try it out now. It's simple, fast and can give you valuable insights to improve your online presence. 

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