We are your partner in AI-driven Neuromarketing

At Brainvine, we don't see AI as a threat, but as an opportunity. An opportunity to empower marketers and take their work to the next level. In a world where AI tools are proliferating and information overload is the norm, we want to be your rock.

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Where humans and AI reinforce each other

Brainvine is your safe haven in the stormy sea of AI, where you can always count on the best solutions in an otherwise chaotic and fragmented marketplace. Our conviction? AI is great, but people are even better. By combining these two forces, we can achieve unparalleled results. Because at Brainvine, it's all about results - and that's exactly what we can achieve together.

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Amsterdam in heart and soul

Brainvine was created in April 2023 as an internal AI tool at Yellowgrape. Due to the success of this tool, we decided not only to keep it to ourselves, but also to make it available to others. In September 2023, Brainvine became an independent company with its own vision, mission and ambitious goals.

Brainvine is not only unique because of our innovative AI tool, but also because of our location. We are located in a beautiful monumental building at Herengracht 231 in Amsterdam.

This historic building is not only an inspiring place to work, but also a symbol of our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Feel free to drop by for a cup of coffee and a chat about how we can help you take your content to the next level

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Trusted by hundereds of teams and thousands of users

Your central hub for innovative content creation

We designed Brainvine to streamline and optimize your creative processes. With an intuitive interface and powerful tools at your fingertips, creating content has never been more efficient and enjoyable.

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    Fast and efficient

    Save hours of work with Brainvine and generate high-quality content in seconds. Ideal for deadlines and rapid project changes.

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    Increase your impact

    Create content that converts. Analyze and produce texts that resonate with your target audience, helping you grow results.

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    Authentic and unique

    Write texts in your own or someone else's style. Style Tones ensure that every message feels authentic and perfectly matches your brand identity.

Our users' experiences

What do others think?

“Brainvine is a handy tool that saves me a lot of time. It has more applications than ChatGPT and takes into account neuromarketing principles. Whether it's creating ads or writing an entire blog from notes, Brainvine makes it possible almost effortlessly.”

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Aukje de Graaf
Content Marketer
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“I use Brainvine for content creation and strategic insights. The tool is user-friendly and saves time. It offers more applications than ChatGPT by integrating neuromarketing principles, and makes creating converting emails and segmentation almost effortless.”

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Tim Hummel
Customer Journey Consultant

“I'm using Brainvine to take my creativity to the next level. The tool offers as much content as you want, with the ability to incorporate Cialdini principles and emoticons. It's everything you need to put messages live at the highest level and appeal to different target groups.”

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Marlies Kamphuis
Email Marketer
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The team behind Brainvine

We are proud to be able to passionately develop Brainvine with a small team every day.

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Danny de Kruijk

Product lead

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Johan Smits

Managing Director

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Tim Wouters

Senior Developer

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Jonathan van de Geer

UX & Design

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Jacques van Mackelenbergh

Customer Success Manager

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Patrick de Kruijk

Customer Success Manager